Welcome to The Deck Kids, here toys come to life in an adventure like no other!

Step into our whimsical party room and get ready for an unforgettable Toy Story Themed Party. Watch as your child’s imagination takes flight with exciting activities and interactive games of your choice. This includes limbo, mini kids magic show, themed pin the tail on Bullseye and more! Our professional entertainers from Little Party Faces will bring your child’s favourite Toy Story characters to life, whether that’s Woody, Bo Peep or even Cowgirl Jessie captivating the little ones with their extraordinary performances. Indulge in delicious treats for both kids and adults, while our Toy Story-themed party room sets the stage for an epic celebration.

The Deck Kids guarantees to create memories that will transport your child into the world of toys. Book your Toy Story adventure today and let the fun begin!
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